It’s allergy season and many folx are suffering from hay fever, itchy watery eyes, stuffy nose, sinus pressure and so on… My favorite relief for allergies is herbal, the Sonoran desert plant Brittlebush works very well to alleviate hay fever, runny nose and itchy eyes without making one drowsy. I prefer it in tincture form but it also works well as a tea. Nettles in tea or tincture form is also extremely helpful for allergy sufferers, I combine it with Brittlebush in my allergy relief tea blend. Yerba Mansa, also known as Lizard’s tail supports folx whose allergies cause sinus pain and pressure, Yerba Mansa is helpful for chronic and acute sinusitis. I recommend using a small amount {less than a tsp a day} of local raw honey, in many cases it lessens the severity of pollen allergies.. Happy Spring!